Vikas Purohit was recently recruited as the Global Business Group Director for India by Meta, formerly known as Facebook. By taking use of Purohit’s wealth of knowledge in the digital industry, Meta hopes to further establish its presence in the Indian market. We’ll explore Purohit’s history, the significance of this appointment, and what it implies for Meta’s upcoming projects in India in this blog article.

The parent company of Facebook

Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media behemoths, Meta, has been aggressively growing its footprint in developing nations like India. India offers tremendous potential for Internet companies, with over a billion people having internet access, and Meta is eager to take use of this.

An accomplished specialist in the digital field, Vikas Purohit has a wealth of experience that precisely complements Meta’s goals. His prior positions at Amazon and Flipkart have given him the knowledge and experience needed to successfully negotiate India’s changing business environment.

In his capacity as the Global Business Group Director for India, Purohit will steer Meta’s commercial approach and alliances within the nation. His in-depth knowledge of industry trends and consumer behavior would be very helpful in determining how best to customize Meta’s goods to meet the needs of the broad Indian audience.

In India, Purohit is anticipated to have a significant influence in several areas, including growing Meta’s advertising business. With digital advertising growing at an exponential rate in the nation, Meta wants to take advantage of this development by providing cutting-edge advertising solutions on all of its platforms. Purohit’s e-commerce and digital marketing know-how will be invaluable in improving Meta’s advertising capabilities and providing advertisers with value.

Purohit’s appointment

also demonstrates Meta’s dedication to developing local leadership and talent. Meta hopes to create a diverse and inclusive leadership team that reflects the distinctive qualities of the markets it serves by giving important positions to seasoned experts like Purohit.


Meta’s quest to become a major force in the Indian digital ecosystem has reached a significant turning point with the appointment of Vikas Purohit as the Global Business Group Director for India. Purohit has a strong track record of accomplishment and extensive industry knowledge, making him a valuable asset to Meta as he leads the company’s growth plan in India and maintains strong relationships with all stakeholders.

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