The Story of Lamora Williams, an Atlanta Mother Charged with Murdering Her Children

Lamora Williams was a 24-year-old mother from Atlanta who made headlines in 2017 when she was charged with the murder of her two young children. The case garnered national attention and raised questions about mental health, poverty, and the criminal justice system. In this article, we will delve into the story of Lamora Williams and explore the various factors that led to this tragic event.

Lamora’s Background and Early Life

  • Lamora’s childhood and family dynamics
  • Educational background and employment history
  • Early signs of mental health issues

Becoming a Mother

  • Lamora’s first child and the challenges of single motherhood
  • The birth of Lamora’s second child and the strain on her mental health
  • Lamora’s relationships with the fathers of her children

The Tragic Event

  • The events leading up to the murders
  • The discovery of the children’s bodies
  • Lamora’s confession and arrest

The Criminal Trial

  • The charges against Lamora Williams
  • The defense’s argument of mental illness
  • The verdict and sentencing

The Impact on the Community

  • Reactions from the Atlanta community
  • Discussions around mental health and poverty
  • Calls for reform in the criminal justice system


The story of Lamora Williams is a heartbreaking tragedy that has brought attention to important issues around mental health, poverty, and the criminal justice system. While we may never fully understand the events that led to this horrific crime, we can use this case to have important conversations and work towards creating a better future for all.


  1. What happened to Lamora Williams after the trial?
  2. Were there any warning signs that could have prevented this tragedy?
  3. How can we improve mental health resources for low-income individuals?
  4. What impact has this case had on the national conversation around mental health and the criminal justice system?
  5. Are there any policy changes being proposed in response to this case?

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